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Regular international Congress XII "Nevsky radiological forum-2021»


07 to 10 April 2021 Saint-Petersburg

Hotel PARK INN BY RADISSON PRIBALTIYSKAYA at , Vasilievsky island, Korablestroiteley str., 14, 2nd floor (directions from the metro station "Primorskaya»).   


Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

The XII international Congress "Nevsky radiological forum -2021"will be held in St. Petersburg on April 07-10, 2021. The organizer of the Congress of PUBLIC   ORGANIZATION «SAINT   PETERSBURG   RADIOLOGY ASSOCIATION».

The Nevsky radiological forum has always been and remains a landmark event that allows not only specialists of radiology, but also doctors of related specialties to discuss the next stage of development of our profession, to summarize the passed milestones and achieved heights. The forum also remains a meeting place for friends, acquaintances, colleagues, a place of new discoveries and acquaintances.

The Nevsky radiological forum, which hosts both leading and young specialists, is also remarkable for its diversity and provides an opportunity to choose a topic in any clinical direction. Any specialist will find that necessary only for him, section, Symposium, round table, school that meet his professional needs. Therefore, as the President of "NRF-2021" I hope that the forum will be a link of generations, starting from the first plenary session and ending with the awarding of diplomas and prizes to young, beginners and already taking the first steps in our specialty, scientists, who this event allows to realize their scientific ambitions.

Every year the number of participants in the forum increases, new interesting directions appear, and we continue to make history, because 2021 is the year of the 107 anniversary of the Public organization «Saint   Petersburg   Radiology Association» (1913) and the year of the 17th anniversary of the Nevsky radiological forum (2003). This is the time of the program "Decades of childhood" (2018-2027), announced by the President of the Russian Federation, which involves measures to improve the health of children. Therefore, "NRF-2021", along with traditional topics, the main focus will be: "Radiation diagnosis in Pediatrics, Perinatology and neonatology." In connection with this decision of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg radiological society was elected the motto of the forum: "Children are not small adults." And it is. So let's hear the children and help them. Who else but You, doctors of radiology, owning modern diagnostic technologies, are navigators for many other specialties, are the guiding star that shows the way to success. Therefore, it is very desirable that new trends, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, scientific knowledge and achievements, which today are in various modalities of our profession (ultrasound, traditional radiology, MSCT, MRI, angiography, endovascular techniques, radionuclide diagnostics, hybrid technologies, radiotherapy) United us, filled our thoughts with new resources for the sake of preserving the health of our children, adolescents and adults.

We will be glad to see at the forum our colleagues from near and far abroad, representing modern achievements from the countries of the Near abroad, Europe, Asia and America.

Send your proposals for scientific schools and reports on the topics of the Congress "NRF-2021" to the following addresses:,

Registration form from the site on e-mail address:

Congratulations on the beginning of preparation for NRF-2021, want the satisfaction of working together!



Pozdniakov Alex.


07-10 April 2021





Poster presentations are accepted in the following areas:


Radiology in dentistry, otolaryngology and ophthalmology

Radiology in gastroenterology

Thoracic Radiology

Radiology in Oncology

Radiology of the cardiovascular system

Radiology in mammology

Radiology of the musculoskeletal system

Military and Extreme Radiology

Management in Radiology

Radiology in urology

Radiology in perinatology and gynecology

Radiation therapy

Nuclear medicine

Interventional radiology

Radiology in Pediatrics

Ultrasound diagnostics

CT scan

Magnetic resonance imaging

Digital radiology and tele-radiology

Radiation safety

Hybrid technologies in radiology

X-ray endoscopy

Medical physics



At the request of the author and the approval of the Program Committee for possible publication posters in the collection, which will be issued to participants of the Congress in electronic format on the CD. In this case, it is necessary to issue the materials of the poster report in the format of doc or docx  and PDF according to requirements to registration of abstracts and illustrative material (see "abstract submission").

For all questions regarding the poster session, you can contact us at the address: