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Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

Without a doubt, Nevsky radiological forum is a landmark event in the life of not only , radiologists, ultrasound specialists, interventional radiologists and radiation therapists, but also of many other related specialties. The NRF has become a traditional platform for discussing new ideas, sharing of clinical experience, the acquisition of advanced knowledge in various areas of applications of radiology in both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Depending on personal preference at the Forum, participants can focus on training events (Schools), practical (round tables, seminars) or scientific meetings.

Despite the adherence to tradition, Nevsky radiological forum is not a stiff and formal event, it conforms to the changing conditions of our professional lives. So, the Forum was marked by the program, rich learning activities, which involved getting the doctors oktas of CME, and this will greatly facilitate the confirmation of training. Olympics residents, held for the first time at NRF, the contests of works of graduate students and residents showed encouraging prospects and highly motivated young professionals in the development of the specialty.

In addition, an important aspect of NRF is visit the exhibition, where leading manufacturers provide information on the latest achievements in the field of application of radiation technologies in health care.

And, of course, the obvious advantage of the Forum is the possibility of new friends and personal contacts with authoritative scientists and leading specialists of the leading medical institutions of our country, countries of Europe, Asia and America. New contacts, meetings, discussions in the corridors will be useful for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Particularly pleased with sincere and reverent attitude of the Forum participants to the event, to its development and improvement. We are grateful to all of You for what You are tolerant and share with us the difficulties of our growth. All the wishes and comments of our visitors, members, HEAD and members of the Committee thoroughly discussed in the meetings of the Presidium and must be taken into account when planning next events. This applies to grid programs, and shape, and themes of meetings, amount and location of audiences.

An important decision of the Presidium of DEMAND was the annual NRF starting in 2018, the Next Congress will be held from 27 to 28 April next year under the motto "Strive for the new, keeping the old!". This motto reflects the basic concept of the upcoming Forum is: to increase the experience and provide further development of specialty, on the basis of achievements of modern radiology. It is planned to establish a task blocks educational, scientific and practical meetings, while maintaining the volume, topic and structure of meetings as soon as possible.

I turn to You – our friends and colleagues – all who care about the future of our profession, the prospects for our common Forum, send us your suggestions – as You are, what You want to see! Together we will make the 10-th anniversary Forum memorable!

As NRF President in 2018, I will strive to implement all Your suggestions that would improve our next meeting, to increase the productivity of our communication!


Congratulations on the beginning of preparation for NRF-2018, want the satisfaction of working together!


Always Yours,

The President of the X International Congress "NRF-2018",  Mishchenko Andrey Vladimirovich.

27-28 April 2018

Address: St. Petersburg highway 64, Congress-exhibition complex "EXPOFORUM",  pavilion H



Registration for medical physicists



Poster presentations are accepted in the following areas:


Radiology in dentistry, otolaryngology and ophthalmology

Radiology in gastroenterology

Thoracic Radiology

Radiology in Oncology

Radiology of the cardiovascular system

Radiology in mammology

Radiology of the musculoskeletal system

Military and Extreme Radiology

Management in Radiology

Radiology in urology

Radiology in perinatology and gynecology

Radiation therapy

Nuclear medicine

Interventional radiology

Radiology in Pediatrics

Ultrasound diagnostics

CT scan

Magnetic resonance imaging

Digital radiology and tele-radiology

Radiation safety

Hybrid technologies in radiology

X-ray endoscopy

Medical physics

Reception poster presentations in electronic form to the address: from 09 January to 27 March 2018

Requirements for registration poster presentations:

1.     Poster presentation can be submitted in Russian or English.

2.     Оn the matte paper sheet format A1 (size 594х841 mm), the orientation of the sheet vertical.

3.     Tables, graphs, and pictures are welcome.

4.     Preferably the poster in accordance with the template

5.     Download template for posters

The scientific Committee reserves the right to refuse the placement of a poster. In case of positive decision of the scientific Committee poster on a paper sheet it is necessary to bring before the Congress.


At the request of the author and the approval of the Program Committee for possible publication posters in the collection, which will be issued to participants of the Congress in electronic format on the CD. In this case, it is necessary to issue the materials of the poster report in the format of doc or docx  and PDF according to requirements to registration of abstracts and illustrative material (see "abstract submission").

For all questions regarding the poster session, you can contact us at the address:



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